• Helping Payers Expedite Payments
    Providing Both Healthcare and Business Commerce Solutions - Creating Efficient Solutions Utilizing Virtual Payments
    Transparent HIPAA and PCI-DSS compliant solutions offer a seamless ‘One-Stop Shop’ approach to Check, ACH/EFT, and Virtual Card Payments. The payment type is the Healthcare Provider and Business Merchant’s choice – no exceptions.
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  • Smarter Communications Network for Payers and Providers
    Rete+Pay gives you the Stategic Advantage
    Better visibility, easier reconciliation and enhanced reporting tools result in quicker processing – helping healthcare providers improve their bottom line.
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  • Your Advantage for the Healthcare Claims Settlement Process
    Reduce Paper, Increase Efficiencies and Gain Total Visibility
    Rete+Pay Solutions give stakeholders powerful tools to manage and navigate the ever-changing healthcare environment.
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Payer Solutions
Rete+Pay is changing the way payers manage payments and communication with medical providers. Rete+Pay Solutions may save money, grow revenue, and...
Provider Solutions
Rete+Pay is changing the way payers communicate and pay medical providers. Using the Rete+Pay Network, Payers are now able to provide...
Rete+Pay Mastercard Prepaid Card
Taking cost out of the healthcare claims settlement process is becoming extremely important as the healthcare industry works through the new...
Welcome to Rete+Pay

Rete+Pay is reinventing the way Payers and Provider communicate and how electronic claim payments are facilitated.

Today’s claims payments processes and regulations are more complex than ever. A Payers ability to facilitate timely cost effective payments combined with accurately reported explanation of benefits information is becoming increasingly important to their bottom line.

With ongoing national downward pressure on medical providers’ reimbursement rates, Providers are facing critical cash flow challenges. Getting paid quickly and efficiently can make a great difference in the overall sustainability of their practice.

Rete+Pay’s integrated electronic claims payment and reporting platform provides a strategic advantage for both Payers and Providers.

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