ACH / EFT Payment

Provider Enrollment – ACH / EFT Payments
You must contact Optum EPS Customer Service at 877-620-6194 and select Option 1, enrollment; or go to and select the Enroll Now button to enroll online – fast and easy!

Please note, you must identify the name of the Health Plan or TPA you are enrolling to receive ACH payments from, as RetePay is not the ‘Payer’.

Remittance Advice (RA) and 835 Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA)
Rete+Pay offers ACH / EFT Payments for select Payers that have elected to pay their providers utilizing this payment method. If you have received an ACH / EFT Payment for rendered healthcare services, where you have not received an associated RA (Remittance Advice) or ERA (Electronic Remittance Advice), you can retrieve this information as follows:

Hard Copy RA
Log into your Optum EPS Account at to print or download and save.

X12 835 Download
Log into your Optum EPS Account at and download your X12 835 ERA from the EPS Portal, which can be used to auto-post into your Practice Management System. This is standard functionality and eliminates the need to enroll and integrate with an EDI clearinghouse partner.

X12 835 EDI Clearinghouse Files
Obtain your X12 835 ERA files from your healthcare EDI clearinghouse, which will auto-post into your Practice Management System with no manual intervention. If you have an existing healthcare EDI clearinghouse partner, you must contact your clearinghouse to request X12 835 ERAs from OptumInsight. Your clearinghouse can contact OptumInsight at 800- 842-1109 to enroll your EDI Provider ID with OptumInsight. In the interim, you may obtain your RAs using the options above.

ACH / EFT Draft Deposit Confirmation
To validate your ACH / EFT Payment was deposited to your bank account, you may: