WLT Software and RetePay Jointly launch RetePay Plus for Seamless Electronic Claims Adjudication and Payment Solutions

MyHealthGuide Source: WLT Software, 8/1/2013, www.WLTSoftware.com and www.retepay.com

Clearwater, FL -- The premier providers of claims adjudication and payment solutions for healthcare payers and medical providers, WLT Software Enterprises, Inc of Clearwater, Florida and Rete+Pay of Lisle, IL announced the launch of Rete+Pay Plus, a joint fully integrated service offering that combines the most advanced claims processing capabilities with the latest advanced electronic claims payment technologies.

Rete+Pay Plus is a significant commitment to the medical TPA industry to help them significantly reduce administrative cost and electronically pay medical providers through enhanced automatic adjudication and payment capabilities. The capabilities delivered by RetePay Plus provide TPAs with a single source solution that reduces claims processing cost while greatly improving medical providers cash flow needs through access to web based support tools.

Rete+Pay Plus empowers TPAs with cutting edge claims adjudication and payment technology for superior and cost effective medical claims processing. The sophisticated, integrated and seamless technology platform allows TPAs to meet the challenges of a dynamic environment characterized by increasing capital requirements, government regulation, financial pressure and carrier competition, with a focus on delivering value and accountability to the self-insured employer and medical provider market.

"The foundation for Rete+Pay Plus is the integrated data and technology platforms seamlessly offered by WLT Software and Rete+Pay", conveys George J. Bregante, one of the founders of Rete+Pay. Additionally he states, "The integrated solutions are the next generation of electronic claims adjudication, claims editing and electronic claims payment solutions for payers and medical providers that leverages their compliance with new healthcare reform regulations, while supporting of the employer objectives to more effectively manage healthcare costs while quickly paying medical providers for the medical services they render."

About RetePay

Rete+Pay is a wholly owned subsidiary of TDA Enterprises, LLC. TDA Enterprises, LLC is a holding company for healthcare services companies. Founded in 2010, Rete+Pay helps payers and patients pay their medical claims electronically, while facilitating quicker provider payments for medical services. Rete+Pay is an outgrowth of Rete+Pay founders' extensive experience in the use of highly cost effective and automated electronic remittance advice and electronic payment processing and their fifty (50) plus years' experience developing and delivering patient and payer savings programs, payer loss control programs, PPO network development and management, fraud, waste and abuse and other payment integrity services to consumers, healthcare payers, medical providers and regional and national PPO networks. The founders have a long-standing commitment to the healthcare community to deliver innovations that save claims and administrative cost for patients, payers and medical providers alike, while simplifying the receipt and processing of medical claims and payments. Contact Kim Darling, kddarling@retepay.com, and www.retepay.com.

About WLT Software

WLT Software is an international leader in providing advanced benefits administration and claims adjudication software for Insurance Companies, Government Employee Plans, TPAs and Self Administered Groups. WLT's philosophy of Client Directed Development provides the flexibility to meet the unique needs of each client and proactively adapt to changes and trends in the Benefit Administration industry. WLT's core systems were developed with the understanding that every organization has its own unique needs and requirements. Whether you're administering multiple plans covering millions of lives or one plan covering a small group, our scalable solutions can be tailored to fit your needs. Contact Mike Tuomey at (877) 807-4730, mtuomey@wltsoftware.com and visit www.WLTSoftware.com.