Electronic Check “eCheck” Payments

An eCheck is a standard and valid Check Payment in which we have removed the U.S.P.S. mailing time, allowing providers to continue receiving checks and up to 14 days faster! Not only does this improve your cash flow, but the Remittance Advice is included as an attachment at the time of payment. This saves you precious time depositing checks and closing out patient accounts in your Practice Management System.

The provider or the depositing bank can verify the validity of the issued Check at any time, using the provided URL (web link) included on the check. The Check can be printed or downloaded and deposited in the same manner you do today. You can deposit directly at your local bank branch, deposit through your mobile bank app, or through practice’s OCR check scanning software. Each Check is issued with an ANSI standard MICR line and is compliant with all federal and state laws.

You are not required to purchase expensive check stock, nor are you required to print the check on check stock. The majority of banks have been educated and agree to accept the checks printed on standard printer paper. Providers are never required to provide bank account information to receive an eCheck with associated Remittance Advice (RA).

You may enroll for eCheck Payments if you have already received a Payment from a Healthcare Payer using RetePay to issue payments. All we require is a valid email address to update our records. Direct Deposit via your Virtual Lockbox is also available and can be activated from your eCheck Portal Account.

To enroll today, please contact RetePay Provider Relations at 855-700-4373 and speak with one of our Payment Specialists!

Provider Benefits

  • Improved revenue cycle – paid up to 14 days faster!
  • Significantly reduced lost or stolen checks and time associated with contacting the Payer for a void and re-issue of the original Check Payment
  • No cost to receive or deposit the check
  • Reduced administration - Payment and Remittance Advice received together
  • Automate your A/R by importing a payment reconciliation data file into your Practice Management System or other accounting system
  • Bank account information is never ‘required’ unless you enroll for Direct Deposit
  • Direct Deposit available when you enroll via your Virtual Lockbox
  • Fraud prevention, safe and secure – ability verify validity of checks at verifyvalid.com/verify