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Rete+Pay is changing the way payers manage payments and communication with medical providers. Rete+Pay Solutions may save money, grow revenue, and streamline claims payment operations. An alternative to traditional check disbursements, Rete+Pay Prepaid Mastercard Virtual Payment will turn a Payers Accounts Payables into a revenue generator! We automate the provider payment process and leverage our Rete+Pay provider financial network to save on postage, mail room expenses, claim status phone calls, late payment fines and generate additional new incremental revenue to your balance sheet. An unexpected benefit to the payers shareholders.

Safe, secure, and easy to administer. Rete+Pay is perfect for payers focused on achieving efficiency, cost savings, and incremental margin improvement. The process begins by submitting the daily payer print file to Rete+Pay. The explanation of benefits are electronically generated and delivered to medical providers via a secure provider web portal while claim payments are delivered by proven payment technology utilized by the banking and credit card industry for years. The claims payment is processed as any other credit card transaction, and the provider(s) can receive claims payments in as little as 24-48 hours. Rete+Pay then transmits to the provider’s office an electronic file for reconciliation. One of the unique features of Rete+Pay is our ability to offer both providers and payers unlimited access their data through Rete+Pay’s secure web portal.

Why Use Rete+Pay?

  • Safe, secure payments and ease of administration
  • Protected web visibility
  • Rete+Pay Financial Network of providers
  • Provider Communication Support and Service
  • Provider nomination and network recruitment services
  • Print, Postage, Banking, and Customer Service Savings
  • Executive Team with Decades of experience in the healthcare and financial industries
  • NEW Incremental Payer Revenue

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